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Sant Jaume d'Enveja is a municipality situated in the middle of the delta of the Ebro with 3,300 inhabitants, distributed within the populated areas of Sant Jaume d'Enveja, Balada and Els Muntells, in addition to a 6% of scattered population. With 61 km2, it limits north with the Ebro River , the south with an old arm of the river (the present drain of the Riet) and the east with the Mediterranean . The force of these elements has defined the landscape and the activities. 150 years ago, Sant Jaume was an inhospitable territory, of marshes,

where fevers and other factors made settling difficult. Even so, the salt mines or the cattle ranches are activities documented in medieval time. Its economic yield seems that the river was the base of the first settlements, descendants of the present population centers of Sant Jaume d'Enveja and Ballad. Modern population center, towards 1860 to give capacity to workers of the salt mines and the construction of the channel on the right area of the Ebro, that made the conversion of the cultivatable Earth in and the introduction of the culture of the rice possible. The construction of the network of irrigation, the work of drying and the progressive culture of thousands of hectares would be the hardest tasks, that extended until entered well into the C. XX. The efforts to create this humanized Delta have rooted the families of these lands, and have distinctive characteristic of their identity. Around this time are the beginnings of the village of Els Muntells, formed, like the rest of towns of the Delta, from an unconnected set of cabins, constructions raised from the materials of the zone: rushes, canes and mud. The progressive substitution of these constructions for more stable ones, has determined a defined urbanism. of the towns, characterized by its scattered character and the absence of a relatively consolidated urban helmet In 1978 the segregation of Santo Jaume of the municipality of Tortosa was approved.

Name : Sant Jaume D´Enveja
Province : Tarragona
Description :A magnificent place of the natural Park with infinity of retreats and zones to enjoy the wonderful nature of the zone
PLACES OF INTEREST: Ferrys to Deltebre-Barraca del Tio Blanco. – La adelfa de Ballada: monumental tree and of great interest. - Vila Tomás: building of 1920 with porch and classic columns. - Vila Emilia: with a bread furnace . - Old delta. - Island of Buda , with rice fields and lagoons. - Ornithological Museum. Llacuna of the Platjola, l'Alfacada Llacuna of,
Beaches :The Serrallo and Migjorn