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Deltebre (91.05 km2, 10,180 inhabitants) is the true heart of the delta and the second town of the low Ebro . In Deltebre, you can navigate on the Ebro , and is well-known is for its beach fishing. The population was almost null until two centuries ago. Before there were fishermen and it appears that some Moriscos settled by the delta that had escaped from the expulsion of 1609. The city of Tortosa built a tower by the order of Felipe II in the mouth of the Riuet or Riuet of the Saida, near the present beach of La Marquesa .

A fast development, but this has taken place since the opening of the channel of the left side of the Ebro (1912). The communications were very deficient. Dirt tracks bordered the fincas, but the main communication channel was the river. The 1927 carrilet arrived and in the last few decades the roads in L'Ampolla, Camarales have improved, L'Aldea and Amposta, and a magnificent road by the edge of the river has been constructed . The work of cleaning of the delta in the last few decades and now many asphalted roads have been built in the interior of the municipality. Nowadays Deltebre is magnificently is communicated, also facilitated by the completely flat territory. The main characteristic of the urban structure of Deltebre is the dispersion, that is being corrected little by little. Along the main road the town is more than six kilometers in length.

The main production is rice, and the culttivation is very mechanized. The horticulture and the cattle ranches are important. Before the cattle fed freely by the reed ditches, but at the present time it is basically a stable cattle ranch. The agricultutal cooperatives are very important, mainly Cambra Arrossera de la Cava. There is little industry. Most important is the one from Cambra. In the last decade tourism has become a decisive source of income. Many small establishments or bars and restaurants arisen, as well as boats that offer cruises on the Ebro.

The people from Deltebre have been known to make good use of the peculiarities of the surroundings. Still some old cabins made with mud and straw can be seen.

Name :Deltebre
Province :Tarragona
Description :Located in center of the Natural Park of the Ebro, The situaltion is ideal to visit this important humid zone
INTEREST PLACES: Viewpoint Molí dels Mirons
(splendid panoramic view of the Ebro);Ecomuseum, museum of natural sciences of the Delta, lagoon of the Channel Velll (zone of nest building of numerous birds);
Ebro Estuary; Garxal ( small small barren islands and lagoons).It is possible to rent boats to sail to Sant Jaume D´Enveja,