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. Riumar is in a privileged place, being located between the estuary of the Ebro River and the sea, and is within the Natural Park of the Delta of the Ebro . Riumar is 10 km from the municipality of Deltebre by a wide and completely straight road that crosses the rice fields like a spear towards the sea. It is a residential, peaceful urbanization and without agglomerations that we could define as the residential paradise of the Delta. It is formed, mainly, by villas of one floor.

It has all the services needed: restaurants, supermarkets, butchers, bakery, fishing stores etc. Its beach has a Viewpoint, Footbridges for access to the beach, aquatic sports zone, the Red Cross

It is characterized by it's immensity and tranquillity, where it is possible to enjoy the sun and the beach, without crowds, in the middle of a beautiful natural place. It is of fine sand and calm waters, with little depth, ideal for families with children. Located right opposite of the urbanization in Riumar almost all properties are close to the sea. Towards the south of the delta river and one or two kilometres away from the fluvial port of the Deltebre and the wharf of the cruise boats is also in this and an area for adventure sports, recreational fishing boats and all type of elements for nautical sports can be rented.

In these lands you can find the most important zones for the nesting of marine birds properly protected and can be observed from the viewpoints

During the past few years it has obtained the “Diploma of Quality of Water for Bathing and Sand” and from 1997 waves the “Blue Flag”, maximum award for quality of beaches, granted by the EEC.

Name :Riumar
Province :Tarragona
Description Residential area on the edge of the Delta among idyllic scenery
PLACES OF INTEREST : It's incredible beaches and part of the Natural Parkl
Beaches : The longest of the Delta 100m away.