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Pedania de Amposta de Poble Nou de la Delta, was founded originally as Villafranco del Delta, by the National Institute of Colonization for the marine areas, by the pro-Franco government, in the year 1957. it is made up of a hundred terraced rural houses of rural, inhabited by about 250 people, with good services and pleasant streets lined with leafy palms. Their resources are in agriculture, fishing and a rising tourist activity. The little village that has the name of Poble Nou is located within the Delta of the Ebro . Along with its architectonic structures of total uniformity, aesthetically totally different from the surroundings. On the route by the road to Poble Nou de la Delta, the lands are cultivated with seasonal vegetables, that characterize the South part of the Delta. We can take a walk until arriving at the “Casa de Fusta ” House of Wood, ecological centre of the park enjoying a calm stroll

while bordering continuously the limits of the lagoon, it is interesting to observe from several points the network of canals and drains. The Poble Nou de la Delta, is a small “colonial” type town, completely white. If you require more information, in the “La Casa de Fusta”, routes for walking can be explained. Also there is a “Agrobotiga” a shop where local ecological products can be bought including the famous “bomba” rice, cultivated in the delta. (this rice requires more water while cooking than normal rice) and the well known “pastissets” (small sweet delicacies). In the Agrobotiga of the Casa de Fusta, you will be able to find interesting material about the fauna, especially of birds and other products. Poble Nou de la Delta is a unique place, in contact by all its cardinal points with nature. There are observatories in the area to contemplate an afternoon of bird watching and the extensive fauna of the park.

Name :Poble Nou de la Delta
Province : Tarragona
Description :One of the best areas of the delta to enjoy walking or a peaceful bicycle ride around this calm village
INTEREST PLACES: L´Encanyssada, La Tancada, Casa de Fusta
Beaches :Els Eucalyptus