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The traditional Cataln cuisine consists of a number of dishes, for example: The escudella i carn d'olla, with vegetables, rice, noodles and potatoes. pan amb tomàquet (bread spread with ripe tomatoes and olive oil). Without forgetting the Botifarra amb mongetes (Catalan sausage with white beans) with all i oli (a sauce made with garlic and olive oil”. Also the Stew, a recipe that combines the regional speciality of Botifarra with of veal, bread, eggs and white beans, is a part of a wide range of

specialities of the area together with “Estofat" (veal roasted with a thick sauce) " Xai " ( lamb ribs), The "escudella" (Christmas stew), broad beans Catalan style and “Espinacas a la Catalana” (with pine nuts and raisins). The "Zarzuela”" is one of the big specialities of fish with the delightful ypical desserts such as” Catalan cream ", Mel i Mató (curd with honey),“Tarta de music” dessert of the musician (with

nuts) With these recipes mentioned the Delta extends it's culinary tradition with his incomparable prawns the tasty eel, the game specialities, wild duck and frog's legs, all this preparedin various ways, without leaving out the mainprincipal product of the Delta.The prepeation of rice in the . most unima-

ginable ways that composes the culinary base of the Delta del Ebro. The Rice of Delta del Ebro: comprises 75 % of the entire production of round rice. One of most consumed in our country and has been in this century one of the more important sources of wealth of the Delta del Ebro (the Rice Chamber of Amposta, dates of 1927). It is cultivated in small developments, constituting one of the fundamental uses of the areas next to the river.

It is one of the most important rice areas of the whole peninsula, not only for his production, more than 130.000 annual TM cultivated in 22.000 Hectares. Also for the quality of the rice that earned in 1983 the qualification of Denomination of Origin Protected by Generalitat de Catalunya. It's cultivation in a mild climate with little changes between the day and the night, allows to the rice to obtain the ideal point of maturation that grants him culinary high quality. Different ways of preparing the rice, the best game and fish with seafood to delight the most expert gourmet, compose the finished symphony of this so special to this land.


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