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Els Muntells although dependant on Sant Jaume D´Enveja are a Decentralized Municipal Organization it's population located in the South part of the delta, near the denominated earth sleeve the Trabucador, that forms peninsula Els Alfacs, a place where the most varied species of birds are concentrated, aquatic and terrestrial of the delta. Thus, it is very common to see great flights of flamencos, gulls, in flocks flying over the population. Located near other towns of Sant Jaume d'Enveja (6 km), Poblenou of the Delta (8 km), Sant Carles of the Ràpita (15 km), Amposta (16 km) and Tortosa (40 km).

he name of the town comes from pile of sand “muntell” in Catalan, since the first inhabitants of the town settled on the small knolls that had formed on the land. Before they were established in the place known as “ la sorral”. The main dedication of the inhabitants of the town is agriculture and construction work . In the winter months, the agricultural work is concentrated in the greenhouses and citrus harvest. At the beginning of spring, the preparation of the rice fields begins. Nowadays tractors are equipped with a laser that is used to obtain totally flat land for an optimal growth of the rice, and thus avoiding the growth of weeds. In the months to come to the fields are flooded and the rice is planted. The harvest takes place during the months of September/October, depending upon meteorological factors. The number of inhabitants is around 600, although this number increases every year, since many young people remain or return to live in Els Muntells. In the summer months, especially in August during the celebrations, this number is increased considerably.

Name:Els Muntells
Province :Tarragona
Description : Calm agricultural town in the en el centre of the Deltathat conserves its roots to give a special enchantment
PLACES OF INTEREST : Bicycle trips round the Delta
Beaches :Els Eucalyptos